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Building a Deck

Deck Design Software Reviews
Here you'll find a sampling of popular deck design software, including some free tools great for brainstorming ideas.

Adding a Wood Deck
A lot of information and ideas on building or upgrading your deck.

Adding or Upgrading a Deck is Great Alternative to Vacation Spending
Instead of spending on pricey vacations, more Americans are turning to money-saving alternatives in their own backyards.

A Guide to Building a Deck Bench and Building Plans
Are you thinking of building a deck bench? Here is the information you need to get started.

Are You Thinking of Replacing Your Old Deck Boards?
Look at these tools if you want to remove your old deck boards and replace them with new ones.

Beautiful ideas for pool decks, using a wide range of decking materials.
Pool decks are a great asset to your home, and will give you years of enjoyment with family and friends.

Beautiful patio pavers, tiles and patio bricks add a touch of style to your outdoor living space.
There’s an incredible range of beautiful patio pavers, bricks and patio tiles available these days.

Brilliant patio ideas to get your patio building project off to a flying start.
Designing and building your own patio is a great home improvement project which anyone can achieve.

Building above ground pool decks and deck railings is a great home improvement project.
Above ground pool decks not only enhance the look of your back yard pool, they also make it more accessible and safer to use.

Building a Deck with Composite Deck Material
Composite deck material can be a good option for people looking to build a deck without the hassles of yearly staining and maintenance, splinters, and board expansion and shrinkage.

Building your own deck, porch or pool deck is a very satisfying home improvement project, and it’s probably easier than you think.
Choosing the right material for your deck is a very important decision.

Comparing Deck Building Materials
Comparison of wood decking, composite decking, and vinyl decking materials.

Comparison of screws - part 1 - exterior screw.
Use this Screw Comparison Chart to help choose the right screw that best fits your exterior applications.

Comparison of screws - part 2 interior screws.
Use this Screw Comparison Chart to help choose the right screw that best fits your interior applications.

Comparison of screws - part 3 - screw heads.
Use this Screw Comparison Chart to help choose the right screw head.

Comparison of screws - part 4 - screw threads.
Use this Screw Comparison Chart to help choose the right screw thread.

Composite Decking Materials Help Homeowners Go Green
Information on Weyerhaeuser ChoiceDek composite decking material.

Create An Upscale Deck For Less With Easy Upgrade Ideas
Tips and ideas on how to upgrade your existing deck to improve the appearance and functionality.

Deck Bench Brackets: Easy-to-install seating that won't crowd your patio
Use deck bench brackets to create inexpensive deck seating without taking up much room on your deck.

Deck Bench Plans Make Building Your Own Deck Bench Simple
How to use plans and brackets to build your own deck bench.

Design Your Deck To Last
If you're considering adding a deck to your home, you will need to answer a few basic questions to get the project started.

Extend the Enjoyment of Outdoor Living Spaces and Decks - This Fall with the Right Design Elements
Great ideas to get your deck fixed up and ready for spring, summer and fall.

 Get Professional Results without the Professional
To get your money's worth out of renting a specialty tool, there are a few things you should know to rent right.

Find Paradise in your own backyard.
Looking to purchase a hot tub, here's great information on the latest features available.

Four Simple Reminders when Creating Your Next "Dream Outdoor Sanctuary
Four simple steps on designing your outdoor living space.

How to build a deck.
There’s nothing more rewarding than building something really useful and beautiful with your own hands.

How to build stairs for decks and porches.
Stair building for decks and porches is a great home improvement project, but only if you have a fairly good degree of carpentry experience and skill.

Installing and maintaining decorative posts caps
 A list of different kinds of post caps available and how to install and keep them clean

New Pool and Patio Furniture Give Outdoor Spaces a Lift
Now that it’s summertime, chic pool and patio furniture has leaped off the pages of interior design magazines and into stores. Updating your outdoor furniture can be an instant way to transform your backyard deck or patio into a personal space created with relaxation and enjoyment in mind.

Outdoor Living Spaces: Adding an Outdoor Room
Designing and building an outdoor living space that adds a mark of distinction to your home takes some planning, creative thinking and the proper materials.

Outdoor Living Takes a New Twist in 2007
To transform your backyard into a chic garden oasis, McCoy reports the hot list of outdoor living trends for 2007.

Redwood Fences from Practical to Elegant
Great tips and design ideas on building a redwood fence for your house.

Set The Scene For Easy Outdoor Entertaining
Enjoy more time with your guests this summer with these ideas for easy entertaining.

Steps to an updated outdoor entertaining space
Get your deck ready to entertain your friends outside.

Stylish and practical brick patio designs, ideas and planning tips.
Information on designing and building brick patios.

Throwing the Traditional Deck a Curve
Looking at designing a new deck? Consider using composite materials with curves and corners.

Tips for Deck Refinishing
Tips on how to refinish your deck based on how hold it is.

Tools You Need For Building A Deck Yourself
Here's a guide to the tools and resources you need to create the ultimate deck!

Top tips for choosing backyard patio designs
Information on designing a patio and the different materials available to choose from.

Deck Plans and Deck Design Software

Benefits Of A Software Deck Design
The benefits of using software to design your deck are explained.

"Build Your New Deck" - New Version of Deck Designer Software by Big Hammer is Released!
Advantages of using home deck design software and a summary of features for Deck Designer version 6.5.

Deck Design Tools - Which Ones Are Best For You?
With the advent of computers and the technology, the process of designing the deck for your house has become a simple process which you can do on your own.

Deck, porch and patio design inspirations for home improvement beginners and experts alike.
Designing and building your own deck, patio or porch is a great home improvement project.

Great Deck Design Ideas to Get You Started in the Right Direction
Creating an amazing deck is easy if you follow these simple deck design ideas.

Is it Time to Design a Deck? - Here are the Top Considerations for your Project
When you design a deck, you should understand that this it can be a complex operation if you don't understand the steps.

Patio design software is very inexpensive and simple to use.
Patio design software package will give you all the tools you need to bring your ideas to life.

Simple patio plans to give you perfect results, even if you’re a DIY beginner.
Designing and building a simple patio is a very creatively satisfying project which just about anyone can accomplish.

Top Four Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Deck Design Software
When you are planning on adding a deck to your home, there are four factors you must consider before making your final decision on what deck design software to use.

Top tips for choosing wood deck designs.
The seven most important things to keep in mind when designing your wood deck.

Garden Planning Begins with Sound Landscape Design
Whether you are planning to do your own landscaping or hire a landscaping artist to do it for you, you will want to look at a variety of different landscape designs before you begin.

Making the Leap into Landscape Design Software
Not too long ago, there was no such thing landscaping design software to help homeowners develop custom layouts for their garden and general yard landscape. The task of designing a layout plan for the property was reserved for a talented family member who could adequately draw the concepts or it was reserved for a professional who helped to create the vision at a price.

Outdoor Fireplaces & Patio Heaters

A guide to choosing an outside fireplace.
Description of the three main types of natural outdoor fireplaces.

Are You Thinking About Building An Outdoor Fireplace?
Now is a great time to build or purchase an outdoor fireplace for your yard or garden.

Choosing a fire pit for the deck or patio.
An outdoor fire pit adds natural warmth and charm to your outdoor evening ambience.

Compare outdoor fireplaces and patio heaters
A nice table that compares: type, fuel, characteristics and cost for patio heaters, fireplaces and firepits.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors After Summer By Using Patio Heaters
Continue to enjoy your evening outside in the cooler months with a patio heater.

Get an Outdoor Patio Wood Heater to Keep Your Deck or Patio Nice and Warm
One way to extend the summer on your deck is to get a wood burning patio heater.

Get Your House in Shape for Football Season With an Outdoor Oven
Build this outdoor oven to do double duty - a place to cook food and provide warmth on the colder nights.

Homeowners Get Cooking with an Outdoor Kitchen
Design tips and what you need to know about building an outdoor kitchen.

How to Buy a Patio Heater
What should you look at when purchasing a discount patio heater.

Is it Time to Think About a Propane Patio Heater for Your Deck?
With a good quality patio heater you can extend the time on your deck this fall.

Outdoor Copper Fire Pit—Great Old World Looks for Your Patio
The outdoor copper fire pit being sold by garden décor and patio merchants all over the Net is a take-off on the traditional Turkish fire pit used by Ancient Mesopotamians in and around the region of present day Turkey.

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits bring warmth and light to your patio or deck.
Outdoor fireplaces create a warm, glowing, magical atmosphere in any outdoor space.

Outdoor Fireplace Safety Tips For Your Deck and Backyard
A great list of tips to ensure you have a safe fire on your deck or patio.

Outdoor Gas Patio Heaters: Keeping That Chill At Bay
A gas patio heater will help make your patio warmer and more comfortable to stay on even as the weather turns chilly.

Patio Heater Review
Compare patio heaters such as the Endless Summer heater from Blue Rhino to other propane or natural gas heaters.

Tips On Charcoal Grills
Tips on purchasing and cooking with charcoal grills.

We Purchased an Outdoor Fire Pit
An outdoor fire pit is a great addition to your outdoor landscaping.

What to Consider when Building an Outdoor Barbecue Station
Outdoor cooking is a great way to spend time with your friends and family and it is even better if have everything organized in one central cooking area.

Understanding fuel sources for outdoor patio heaters and outdoor fireplaces
Description of the different kinds of fuel sources for patio heaters and fireplaces.

Tiki Huts

All the palapa construction materials and instructions you need are easy to order online.
What to look for when you are thinking of building a palapa or tiki hut structure.

A porch swing is classic addition to any patio furniture setting.
There’s no better way to spend a lazy summer’s afternoon than relaxing outside on your porch swing.

Are You Interested in Building an Indoor Tiki Bar?
A quick introduction to Tiki and information on building a tiki bar.

A tiki bar on the pool deck or the patio is an absolute must for your luau or island theme party.
If you’re planning your next luau, clambake or Pacific island party, the first thing you’re going to need is a tiki bar.

Brilliant palapa design ideas for your patio, pool deck or garden.
A few tips to keep on mind when choosing your palapa or tiki hut.

Building a Tiki Bar to Create a Your Own Tropical Retreat
Building a tiki bar is a great way to create your own tropical paradise 365 days a year.

Build your own tiki bar or tiki hut for your next luau or Pacific Island theme party.
Even if you’ve never built anything before in your life, you’ll find it’s a very easy project.

Build your own tiki hut on the patio or pool deck for your next Hawaiian theme party.
Use you tiki hut to serve your drinks and kahuna burgers.

Create a dramatic tropical island ambience with gas tiki torches.
Use gas tiki torches to provide the tropical feeling for your next barbeque or luau.

Exotic Palapa umbrellas create a breezy island atmosphere around the patio or by the poolside.
Looking for a tropical island paradise, start by setting up a couple of Palapa umbrellas.

Fabulous patio bars and bar tables to suit every outdoor decor style.
Patio bars come in a fantastic range of shapes, sizes, materials and designs, to suit every budget and every outdoor decor style.

How To Build Tiki Bar Designs In Your Backyard How to build tiki bar provides the concept of building this tropical structure and information on the origins, building materials and available plans.

Ideas for Tiki Party Decorations for Your Next Luau
Decoration ideas to make your next tiki party or luau authentic and a great success.

Porch and patio furniture cushions let you enjoy outdoor living in comfort and style.
Choosing the right porch and patio furniture cushions can make all the difference to your outdoor decor.

There’s never been a better time to buy a tiki bar or tiki hut.
If you’re looking to buy a tiki bar or tiki hut, it’s worth checking out the range at bbqguys.com.

Tiki Bar and Tiki Hut Headquarters
Build your own Tiki Bar or Tiki Hut and party on.

Tiki bar supplies and tiki party ideas for your luau, Pacific Island party or tiki festival.
Luaus and tiki parties are becoming more and more popular all the time.

Tiki bars and tiki huts are easy to build yourself, and they’re a great way to give your luau a special tropical atmosphere.
If you’re planning a luau or tropical theme party, the first thing you’re going to need is a tiki bar or tiki hut.

Tiki Bar Stools Are An Authentic Accessory For Your Tropical Dream
Tiki bar stools come in a variety of styles and materials and really add that crucial authentic touch to any tiki bar.

Tiki Hut Bamboo Structures: Build One For Your Next Party!
Do you want an authentic luau? Then you need to build a tiki bar with bamboo and thatch panels.

Tiki huts and tiki bars are an essential part of your tropical outdoor decor.
Tiki huts and tiki bars are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, and come shipped in an easy-to-assemble form.

Tiki torches, tiki lanterns and candles are an essential element of your luau, clambake, or Pacific Island theme party decor.
Tiki torches, lanterns and candles are perfect for creating an exotic tropical island ambience.

Tiki Party Ideas and More!
If you're looking to add a little Hawaiian flavor to your next get-together, here are some great tiki party ideas to keep in mind.

TikiKev Speaks about Building Backyard Tiki Bars
Kevin Dunn, also known and TikiKev, is the professional tiki hut builder from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He builds backyard bars in the Polynesian style for customers all over the U.S. and Canada, and now has a new ebook that explains how to do it yourself, including how to frame and thatch an authentic tiki-style roof.

Tops Reasons To Use Tiki Bar Plans To Build Your Bar Instead Of Purchasing One
Four good reasons to purchase tiki bar plans to build your tiki bar.

New Artificial Tiki Thatch Available from TikiKev TikiKev, the author of Build Your Own Tiki Bar, now has artificial thatch available from his web site (www.tikikev.com).

Tiki Bar Maintenance If you already have a tiki bar, maybe one built from TikiKev’s famous tiki bar and bar stool plans, then you already know how easy thatched structures are to maintain.

Tiki Bar and Bar Stool Plans Plus Tiki Hut Kits and Palapa Kits

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