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Tiki Party Ideas and More!

Tiki girl with fragrant lei - ready for the party to beginDo you want to throw a party that boasts the charm and comfort of an island paradise?

If you're looking to add a little Hawaiian flavor to your next get-together, here are some great tiki party ideas to keep in mind.

It all starts with the invitation; before anyone can attend your party, they have to be invited. So it's crucial that you set the mood of your tiki party right from the get-go.

Find invitation cards with creative decorations that will enable your guests to picture your Polynesian-themed party in their mind.

Now it's time to decorate. If you want your party to sport the spirit of Hawaii and other islands in the South Pacific, there are some very basic things to consider. Stringy leis are a must, and other decorations like bead curtains and straw lanterns also add a special touch.

For lighting, less is more. Here are some ideas for lighting: keep those lanterns dim and save money on your electric bill by lighting candles and tiki torches. For tiki torches you can use gas, citronella or paraffin oil. There are also lots of different designs available. From free standing to wall sconces and ones that will mount on your patio umbrella.

And no tiki party is complete without an appearance of a grass skirt or two; you can dress up your tables and even yourself with grass skirts.

When it comes to dining, you can really go nuts with your tiki theme. Instead of serving drinks in typical party cups – why not use tiki mugs and top each drink off with a tiny umbrella to boot? If you're looking for food ideas, barbecue is the standard tiki party cuisine. But don't barbecue the American way; deck out your backyard with tiki torches and even plastic statues of Polynesian gods. When thinking of different entrees to serve guests, consider recipes with ingredients like pineapples, coconuts, and seafood.

Next up is music. No luau would feel right without a little Hawaiian music in the background. Make a luau mix and press play as your guests arrive.

But the decoration doesn't just end with the setting. These tiki party ideas are fantastic, but they will mean little if you and your guests don't fit in with this great, Hawaiian scenery! So what is in a tiki costume? Grass skirts, conventional Hawaiian shirts (that can be found at just about any clothes store), flip flops or no shoes at all, and any dresses or shirts with white or pastel colors will be perfect.

But once your guests arrive at your party, what are they going to do? You must have a list of activities planned for them. The classic tiki party contest is limbo – and all you need for that is a broomstick.

So, hopefully now you're all geared up for your tiki party with these nifty party ideas. If you want to ensure it's a party to remember, simply aim to make your guests feel like they're at an island getaway and you'll do no wrong.

For more information on the tiki theme, please read this article on how to build a tiki bar.



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