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Do It Yourself Tiki Huts — Made in the Shade

eBook - How to build your own tiki hutAdd some Polynesian style to your deck or pool with an authentic thatched roof tiki hut and get those blender drinks revving!

If you follow the extensive step by step instructions laid out out by master builder, TikiKev (Kevin Dunn), there's no reason why you can't build a tiki hut yourself. Anyone with basic carpentry skills can do it.

Build Your Own Tiki Hut contains the plans, materials list and instructions for building this tiki hut yourself.

Tiki hut pool side with real palm thatch inside picture of the roof for a tiki hut

How to Build Your Own Tiki Hut contains:

  • Illustrations and annotated photographs
  • Proven plans with step by step instructions
  • Advice for treating and maintaining materials
  • Sources for obtaining all materials, such as thatch, bamboo poles, etc.

If you're worried about getting in over your head, you can always just call or email TikiKev for a little one on one support. We've been working with him for several years now on this site and he really stands by his work, his plans, and his product. Visit his website here for more information.

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