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Deck Construction
Building a deck may be one of the fastest ways to add value to your home, and happily is within reach of anyone with modest carpentry skills.

Deck Maintenance

Deck Design Software

Patio Design Software

Deck Railings
More than any other feature, deck railings give your deck design its individual style. Deck railings can repeat the architectural details of the house and so turn an otherwise ordinary deck design into a cottage, Victorian, contemporary, or craftsman work of art.

Deck Lighting
Don't overlook the importance of good deck lighting when planning or upgrading your deck. Most homes have a standard backdoor porch light that floods the area with with light...hardly the best way to create ambiance when entertaining.

Outdoor Fireplaces & Patio Heaters
Outdoor fireplaces and patio heaters are not new ideas; restaurants have been using them for years and many a backyard has boasted a dugout fire pit lined with bricks or stones.

Tiki Huts
With tiki popularity on the rise again, you can now order tiki huts and tiki bars online and have them shipped right to your door.

Books on Deck Building
Get ideas, tips, and techniques for deck designs and other outdoor structures from these great deck building books

Gazebo Plans and Gazebo Kits
You can easily add a gazebo to your deck design for extra seating, a patio cover, or spa cover. Gazebo plans are available online.

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A tiki bar on the pool deck or the patio is an absolute must for your luau or island theme party.
If you’re planning your next luau, clambake or Pacific island party, the first thing you’re going to need is a tiki bar.

Building your own deck, porch or pool deck is a very satisfying home improvement project, and it’s probably easier than you think.
Choosing the right material for your deck is a very important decision.

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits bring warmth and light to your patio or deck.
Outdoor fireplaces create a warm, glowing, magical atmosphere in any outdoor space.

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