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Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces are not new. Restaurants have been using them for years and many a backyard has boasted a dugout fire pit lined with bricks or stones.

Today, outdoor fireplaces are popular deck design upgrades, mostly because of the affordable price tag and wide variety of styles.

Keep your patio warm with a copper fire pit.They extend the use of your deck or patio by casting a 3- to 20-foot circle of warmth around you and your guests.

 You stay comfortable in the early spring, fall, and evening when temperatures are cooler.

Types of Outdoor Fireplaces

Here's a quick overview of the types of outdoor fireplaces available:

  • Outdoor fireplaces: these are free standing enclosed units with chimneys that vent the smoke and ash, and generally fueled by wood or briquettes. There are propane and natural gas models that have the look of a wood burning fireplace without the smoke.

  • Fire pits: these are the traditional campfire jazzed up using decorative copper and cast iron.

  • Chimineas: these are Mexican-style outdoor fireplaces featuring a chubby base where the fire burns, and a tall narrow chimney to vent the smoke. Traditional chimineas are made from fired clay, but cast iron models are also available.

  • Fire rings: these are the most inexpensive and simplistic style of outdoor fireplace. Like the fire pits at campsites and cottages, the cast iron ring is bottomless and it simply contains the fire within a safe burning site.

  • Fire Tables: A table top gas fire fueled by either propane or natural gas with room for seating four to six people around the fire. Table tops are made out of glass fiber reinforced concrete.

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