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Deck Building Tools and Deck Construction

Building a deck may be one of the fastest ways to add value to your home. Happily, it is within reach of anyone with modest carpentry skills and a few deck building tools.

When compared with concrete slab or set stone patios, deck building projects have some distinct advantages. You don't have to worry about leveling the ground. Decks can be elevated to take advantage of spectacular views or to cover unsightly or sloped lots.

Get a hammer and get ready to build your deck.Unlike most patio designs, you can build a deck over services like sewer, water, gas or electrical supplies. As long as you use rot resistant materials such as cedar or pressure treated lumber, a well maintained deck can last 25 years or more.

But the practical advantages of building a deck are just the beginning. Deck designs can echo the architectural details of your home, either in shape, or size; decks extend your outdoor living space; and they create a warm welcoming atmosphere for entertaining, playing, and relaxing.

Basic and Specialized Deck Building Tools

Building a deck that meets all your practical needs and has some visual appeal is just a matter of choosing right materials and the using right deck building tools.

Before you begin any deck building project, have a look at some of the tools designed for outdoor projects. Basic tools include a circular saw, drill, tape measure, hammer, chalk line, level, and combination square.

These specialized deck building tools make the task even easier.

Check out deck fastening systems, deck screws, and bow wrench at Rockler.com.

Deck Construction Guides

A picture of raw lumber, get ready to build your dream deck.When it comes to deck construction, talk to the experts at the building center where you're buying all your materials, consult how-to books, and look at the these great deck construction guides online.

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