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Deck Bench Brackets: Easy-to-install seating that won't crowd your patio

It's likely that you've never heard of deck bench brackets before. That's because it's a more technical term for “deck seating,” something that can really come in handy if you entertain guests often. Bench brackets save space without depriving people of places to sit and that's the genius of them.

So what are these deck brackets and why do you need them? Brackets are a form of outdoor furniture that are incredibly easy to install and are also a very efficient use of space.

Not only that, but you can install a bench that will last a long time and won't fall victim to bad weather or regular wear and tear. So if you're looking for sturdy seating that won't take up a lot of space or a lot of time to install, then you might want to invest in some bench brackets.


There are some kits that you can buy, which make bench bracket installation an especially simple task. In order to understand why this is, it's important to understand how this deck seating works. Brackets are just installed to your deck, bolstering horizontal and vertical boards that you and your family and guests can sit on! It's as uncomplicated as that. Whether you want brackets to comprise all of your outdoor seating, or if you want to add it to the patio furniture you already have, deck benches can be a very smart investment.

Sometimes you can buy the brackets and then fasten boards, that you find separately, to them. However, there are many kits (as mentioned before) that come with everything you need, wood inserts and all. The specific style of brackets you get will depend on the boards you want to use and the look of your patio.

Don't get confused when you go shopping for deck seating. There are all kinds of brackets – free-standing brackets, brackets designed for regular benches, side and surface mounted ones, and more. Deck extenders are particularly nifty, as they bolt to the side and top of your deck and actually extend away from your deck – in a sense, making it larger and more spacious!

Deck seating materials will come with complete instructions so that you can install the seating yourself and with little hassle. You won't need high-tech tools or equipment. And because many boards are finished off with strong resin, you won't have to worry about taking care of them – these special benches are no-maintenance patio furniture.

The key is to find a kit that gives you all the supplies and instructions you need and also features long-lasting, powerful steel brackets with robust, good-looking wood.

For more information constructing a deck bench, please read this article on a guide to building a deck bench.



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