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Deckboard Removal Tool

deckboard removal toolOne of the most common ways to repair older wood decks is to replace rotten or damaged deck boards with new ones.

But pulling up old boards can be a real pain. You can use a crowbar and a hammer, or better yet use a tool especially designed for the job.

The Deckboard Removal Tool is designed to remove old boards in the fraction of the time compared to using other tools. It slips under the board, straddles the joist and using the very long handle for leverage, it lifts the board.

Deck board removal tool in action Close up of Deck Board removal tool on the joist and removing a deck boards.


List of additional features:

  • Steel head rotates 180 for use in two directions

  • Durable, lightweight fiberglass handle has padded non-slip grip

  • Measures 53" long

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Designed for years of rugged, trouble-free use

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