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Bowrench Deck Tool

Building your own deck can be a lot of fun, but there are some times when it is great to have an extra hand. One time is when you are putting down the decking and the boards are crowned or slightly warped.

bowrench deck toolThere's a perfect tool for every job and the same can be said when talking about deck construction.

The  is designed to help install new deck boards when you are replacing or building a deck.

It first locks into place on the joist and then, by applying leverage, forces the board into place. You are then free to use both hands to hammer or screw the board.

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BoWrench in Action - Video

List of Features:

  • Use to bend warped boards into place

  • Self locking mechanism means it can be used by one person

  • Left or right hand operation

  • Gripper swivels with interchangeable parts for pushing or pulling

  • Constructed from heavy coated steel

When working on alone or on a large deck, the Bowrench can certainly save you time and frustration.

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