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Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits bring warmth and light to your patio or deck.

Stay warm on your deck with this outdoor fireplace.Outdoor fireplaces create a warm, glowing, magical atmosphere in any outdoor space.

You can enjoy relaxing evenings with family and friends on the deck or patio well into the colder months of the year.

There’s something very special about the warm ambience of a natural flame which an electric or gas heater simply can’t match.

There’s a wonderful range of outdoor fireplaces and fire pits to choose from, and you’ll probably be surprised at how inexpensive they are. You can make the fireplace a permanent feature of the deck or patio, or you could choose a portable model which can be wheeled from place to place, or even packed up and taken on camping trips. If you enjoy cooking outdoors there are even outdoor fireplaces which double as a natural flame barbecue or grill.

Types of outdoor fireplaces, hearths and fire pits.

There’s a huge range of products in stainless steel, enamel coated steel, cast iron, bronze, copper, or a combination of materials, designed to suit any outdoor decor style, or the architectural style of any home.

A real fire on your patio using a cast iron chimenea.The open copper bowl design has the feel of a campfire or bonfire, while an authentic cast iron chimenea will give your patio a romantic old world ambience. Stainless steel fireplaces which are enclosed by a mesh grill or spark screen are exceptionally safe, and particularly suitable if the outdoor area is susceptible to wind, or if you have children.

If you want to go for something a little more elaborate, you could even consider a permanent masonry fireplace on the side of your house or freestanding on the patio. If you have a large family, or you like to entertain large groups of friends on the patio in the evenings, a large full masonry fireplace could be a very worthwhile investment.

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