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An outdoor fire pit adds natural warmth and charm to your outdoor evening ambience.

Enjoying a drink with friends around an outdoor fire pitThere’s nothing quite as comforting as gathering around an open campfire with friends and family, and enjoying a quiet evening together in the outdoors.

Of course, setting up an open campfire on the patio at home can be difficult, messy, and even dangerous if you’re not careful.

An outdoor fire pit is a safe, simple solution. With an outdoor fire pit you can have the warmth of a real natural wood or gas fire on the patio, on the deck or in the back garden. Not only are fire pits safe and easy to use, they also make an attractive feature of your outdoor decor.

Choosing a fire pit for the deck or patio.

Fire pits come in many shapes and sizes, but the most popular designs feature a large, shallow bowl to build the fire in, supported by a stand.

A real fire in this fire pit bowl, which includes a protective screenThe fire pit bowl can sit close to the ground, for a real campfire feel, or there are tall stands which have a shelf beneath for storing wood.

You could also choose a copper chimenea style fire pit, which has a chimney structure above the fire pit itself to vent the smoke upwards.

Probably the most popular fire pits are made from natural copper with a wrought iron stand, and it’s not hard to see why. Copper and wrought iron have a very attractive, antique look, and fire pits made from copper are magnificent outdoor sculptures in themselves. Copper fire pits can also be used as planters.

Other popular materials for outdoor fire pits include stainless steel, clay, natural stone, or lightweight concrete reinforced with glass fiber. Some fire pits are designed for natural wood fires, while others work using a natural gas or propane flame over a bed of volcanic rock.


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