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Outdoor Copper Fire Pit—Great Old World Looks for Your Patio

The outdoor copper fire pit being sold by garden décor and patio merchants all over the Net is a take-off on the traditional Turkish fire pit used by Ancient Mesopotamians in and around the region of present day Turkey.

The copper fire pit is a hammered copper brazier that sits low to the ground, usually on a wrought iron stand. This style of outdoor fireplace is popular these days I’m sure because of its wonderful artisan and craftsman-like feel.

The best designs still retain the hand-made look by the hammered or beaten surface of the copper basin. Ancient Turkish craftsmen discovered that copper, like gold and silver could be worked, bent and shaped while either hot or cold. Pieces of raw cooled copper were hammered into the desired shapes.

Unlike the ancients who may have used pits dug out of the earth to hold a cooking basin, the copper fire pits of today come with stands made from wrought or cast iron. The height varies from 9 inches to up to 30 inches. And, if you need portability, or you want to store the fire in the off- season, there are models with folding legs.

On the practical side, copper, which is still used in the bottoms of high end pots and saucepans, distributes heat evenly, makes these types of fire pits ideal for cooking on or grilling. Don’t be afraid to throw some smokies on one of these beauties. Like a barbeque, the copper fire pit retains the heat and cooks food evenly.

Buy Spark Screens or Lids to Prevent Flying Embers

If you are concerned about the potential hazards of an open fire, you can purchase safety screen covers made of wire mesh to keep sparks contained, or a copper chiminea to direct sparks safely upwards and away from guests and surrounding objects

Copper fire pits today are practical and decorative patio accents that are perfect for outdoor entertaining. Sizes range from 24” to 36” in diameter.

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