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Outdoor Fireplace Safety Tips For Your Deck and Backyard

Stay warm and cozy with this fireplace on your deckEverybody loves gathering around a warm, open fire, but have you ever considered installing an outdoor fireplace for your home?

During those colder months, don't avoid going outside! Instead, sit around the fire! However, as appealing as outdoor fireplaces are, there are many risks that come along with them – especially if they are built on a wood deck. So here are some safety tips on maintaining a fireplace outside.

There's no reason you, your family, and friends should have to keep the festivities inside just because it's a little brisk outside. With a fireplace located in the backyard, you can be in control of where you and your guests enjoy each other's company.

In fact, in regions where the weather is cold most of the year, these unconventional fireplaces are especially popular. But if you aren't mindful of the following basic safety precautions, then there could be real danger ahead.

There are many styles of fireplaces out there and a freestanding pit is going to have the potential to cause more problems than a sophisticated one. But whatever the case, there are basic steps you must take to ensure your fire stays inside the fireplace.

Top Tips To Be Safe With Your Outdoor Fireplace

The most obvious tip is to simply follow the guidelines that come with your fireplace. The manufacturer will supply you with advice. Other tips are common to any fireplace, indoor or outdoor. For instance, don't leave a burning fire unattended. Don't let unsupervised pets or children near it. Other words of wisdom are distinct for outdoor fireplaces and unfortunately, they are commonly overlooked.

As tempting as it may be to burn a fire every time it gets chilly outside, you simply shouldn't do that if it's really windy. The wind can pick up the fire sparks and transfer them to places they ought not to be! Even more so than with indoor fireplaces, you want to make sure that you've got a supply of water or a fire extinguisher nearby. Weather is unpredictable and thus anything that is subject to it, especially a fire, should be watched carefully.

As well, weather's not the only thing in your backyard. There are branches, leaves, etc. Install the fireplace away from these, because if sparks catch onto them, it will spell disaster. This is why fireplaces built on wood decks and patios are to be dealt with carefully. In fact, it's not recommended you build a fireplace on any surface made of wood. Instead, build them on concrete or stone bases.

To prevent sparks from flying out, in general, simply install a screen onto it. This will save you a lot of peace of mind. Still, many people like to use their fireplace as a Barbecue and in that case, just make sure to use long food skewers and to not wear clothing items or accessories that can accidentally dangle into the fire.

You might also want to consider installing an outdoor gas fireplace. For information on what's available, you should read this article on different fuel sources for fireplaces and outdoor heaters.



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