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Gazebo Plans and Gazebo Kits Online

The gazebo is a traditional addition to any garden. But what about as a deck design upgrade? You can easily add a gazebo to your deck design for extra seating, a patio cover, or spa cover.

Gazebo plans are available online for under $30 as well as books on building, planning and designing garden structures.

Timesaving gazebo kits, which ship with with materials plus instructions right to your door, are also available.

Gazebo plans

If you are a determined do-it-yourselfer, you can find gazebo plans and books online. The gazebo plan we recommend is from Rockler.com, a well known online merchant of fine woodworking and carpentry tools.

This plan for a gazebo measuring 11'-6''L x 11'-6''W, features decorative trim and eye-catching cupola, and includes a material list.

Gazebo kits

Gazebo kits are available with as much or as little pre-assembly as you want. Buying garden structures online as kits nowadays is fairly commonplace, and manufacturers have made it easy to assemble these kits with little or no construction experience.

You can purchase gazebo kits with the major components already pre-assembled (such as walls, floor, and roof). With the help of a few friends, you can put it together yourself over the course of a weekend. Other kits provide the materials pre-drilled and pre-cut and you build the structure from detailed instructions. Again, having a few friends around helps!

Red Cedar GazebosHere's an example of a red cedar gazebo featuring a two-tiered roof with cupola, and traditional wood trim.

This is the classic style of gazebo built with cedar. You can leave the wood to develop a nice aged looked or you can stain it to keep it's classic look.

Either way it is a great looking gazebo.

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