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"A tiki bar on the pool deck or the patio is a must for your luau or island theme party"

A picture of a tiki bar with thatched roof and bar stools.If you’re planning your next luau, clambake or Pacific island party, the first thing you’re going to need is a tiki bar.

Tiki bars are not only great for setting the mood and the theme for the evening, but they’re perfect for serving pina coladas, mai tais, daiquiris and Singapore slings out on the pool deck or the patio.

You could order a pre-fabricated tiki bar, which can be set up and packed away very easily whenever you need it. Or if you’re a little more ambitious, you could even build a tiki bar yourself.

Steps to Quickly Building A Tiki Bar

If you’re handy with a hammer and a saw, you’ll find it’s very quick and easy to put together a makeshift tiki bar yourself. Here's the steps you can follow:

  • Find a good sturdy table
  • Make a grass skirt using palm fronds or paper leaves
  • Attach the skirt to the front of the table to cover up the table legs
  • Attach a wood or bamboo poles each corner of the table
  • Make an A-frame roof
  • Create the thatched roof with palm fronds or paper leaves
  • A much quicker option is to use ready made thatched palm panels if you can find them.
  • Then add some tiki decorations and a blender and you're ready to party.

Information On Building A Sturdy Tiki Bar

If you are a bit more ambitious and have a weekend or two you can build your own tiki bar like the one in the picture above. You will also want a few more carpentry skills or a few friends that are handy with wood working projects. But if you take your time and follow good instructions you can do it.

For this kind of structure I recommend that you get a good set of plans and follow them. The expert in this field is Tiki Kev. He builds tiki bars and tiki huts for a living and he packed all of his knowledge into a few eBooks.

Here's our review Tiki Kev's book on an authentic tiki bar.

Since we like his eBook some much we interviewed Tiki Kev and here is the  Questions and Answers on building a tiki bar.



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