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Ideas for Tiki Party Decorations for Your Next Luau

Tiki parties are some of the most fun parties to attend simply because of how different they are from a normal party. When you host a tiki party, you are going to need to purchase tiki party decorations. Tiki decorations are quite different from the party decorations that you would normally purchase.

This is because a tiki party is a party that has the Pacific Island flavor to it, and most people do not have decorations that fit the theme lying around at home. Unless you live in Fiji or you are a big Tiki fan. Are wondering what to buy to make your party authentic? Here are some ideas for things that will help you create the necessary theme.

Picture of decorating ideas for your tiki partyCustomizable vinyl banners are a good idea for your first purchase. Whether you’re creating a tiki party for Fred’s birthday or you’re just trying to chase off the winter blahs, a vinyl banner with your message may help to spice things up a bit. And if it has a Tiki flavor you are set.

If the party is outside you can also purchase some tiki torches. Torches set a nice mood and they look great. There are a lot of different styles of tiki torches available. From traditional bamboo to stainless steel. Just make sure you don't set them near anything flammable and have extra fuel available if the party goes late into the night.

If you are feeling very adventuresome and have some extra money to spare, another good decoration to think of for your tiki party is a tiki arch. These are normal arches that are constructed with vegetation wrapping around them, but the thing that makes them unique with a Pacific flavor is the fact that a tiki might be attached to the arch so that a person walking under the arch would get a firsthand view of the tiki as they walked by.

This arch would be very well placed either at the entrance leading to your door or even outside in the entrance leading to your patio. Try to allow it to lead into a beach themed room that a person could walk under to symbolize their entry into the realm of the tiki party.

Build this tiki party for your next big partyNo tiki party would be complete without a tiki-style bar. Whether you spend a lot on this, make your own tiki bar or dress up an existing bar to look like a tiki bar it will add a good feeling to your party and have central focus to hang out and have a drink. the image you need for your guests.

While you do not have to go all out on the decorations that you pick up for your tiki party, you would be remiss in leaving the walls or the areas of the ‘beach’ that you plan to build completely barren of decorations. Vinyl banners, pictures or a beach, or even tiki torches with LED lights are a great way to find the middle ground between the actual beach and the location for your party.

And no tiki party would be complete without a Tiki carvings. A tiki mask really sets the mood. A few other must haves for your party are the tiki glasses and mugs. Authentic mugs will look like small tikis. You can also purchase the classic umbrellas for the drinks. You might want to have a competition and see who can bring the most authentic Tiki drink or where the most authentic luau costume.

The main thing to keep in mind when it comes to tiki parties is the that a tiki party allows you a chance to go wild and be creative in the way you decorate. You do not even generally need to get the tiki design right. As long as it looks like something exotic, your guests will have a great time. You can experiment and see what you get from your own craft endeavors, or you can go ahead and make purchases like the tiki arch or tiki bar to use with your party.

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