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New Artificial Tiki Thatch Available from TikiKev

TikiKev, the author of Build Your Own Tiki Bar, now has artificial thatch available from his web site (www.tikikev.com).

The product is called Dura-Thatch and it has the look and feel of real palm-leaf thatch. It comes with a 20-year warranty against fading and loss of waterproofing.

Picture of Dura-Thatch an artificial that you can use for builidng your tiki hut or tiki bar.

"The material can be nailed or screwed to wooden frames, such as a native hut. It can also be applied over wood sheathing, corrugated metal, finished siding or asphalt shingles. Anyplace you wish to combine the look of a natural thatch structure with the confidence of a long term guarantee, you can apply our authentic yet durable plastic thatch. "

A thatch panel you can use for your tiki barHere is another supplier that makes a good palm thatch for tiki huts.

This authentic thatching is in 4 x 3 feet sheets and is great for the roof or skirt for your tiki bar or tiki hut. You can also use it to dress up your backyard or house to give it an authentic tiki look.

It is also easy to apply using "S" hooks, tie straps, or jute ropes. If you want to go to the site, please click here


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