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Build Your Own Tiki Bar or Tiki Hut for Your Next Luau or Pacific Island Theme Party

Tiki bar at night - complete with palm trees and patio lightsIf you’re planning a tiki party or luau, why not build your own tiki bar or tiki hut?

Even if you’ve never built anything before in your life, you’ll find it’s a very easy project to do with the right plans.

If you are planning for a quick party you can purchase a tiki bar. If you have more time you can make a simple one. And if you have even more time you can build a very sturdy one that can withstand rain and wind.

There’s a wealth of useful information online, including instructions for building your own tiki bar or hut, and guides to help you make or find tiki bar decorations and supplies.

You'll find plans and instructions here:

Your tiki bar will not only form the focal point of your tiki party decor, it will also be the place to serve all your pina coladas, daiquiris, Singapore slings and kahuna burgers.

eBook on how to build a tiki barTiki Bar Building Basics

The first thing you’ll need is the bar itself. Any sturdy table will do; the size is up to you. Next you’ll need materials to build the tiki hut roof structure.

Bamboo fits the party theme best, but if you can’t find it, any kind of wooden posts will do. You can also buy carved tiki moldings, which have a really authentic look.

The roof of the tiki hut can be made from large leaves or palm fronds if you can find them, attached to a piece of light plywood, or you can buy ready made thatched grass panels. It’s best to put the tiki hut roof together on the ground, then fix it to the bar in one piece.

Once the tiki hut structure is fixed, you can decorate it with straw mats, glued on sand, frangipani candles and spooky tiki god statues, or what ever else your imagination can come up with.

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