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Tiki Bar Maintanance 101

Kevin enjoying the shade under the thatched roof of this tiki barIf you already have a tiki bar, maybe one built from TikiKev’s famous tiki bar and bar stool plans, then you already know how easy thatched structures are to maintain.

But if you’re still doing the research, or wondering what to do with a tiki bar during the winter, and then how to get it ready for summer, here’s some handy information.

Winterizing a Tiki Bar

  • Don’t tarp your tiki bar. The tarp traps moisture and causes mold and mildew to grow. If mold gets into your palm fronds, then the thatch will need to be replaced.
  • If you are expecting a big storm, then you can tarp the bar and roof SEPERATELY for a couple of days only.
  • Install netting over the thatch to keep palm fronds from dislodging or blowing away. The 3/4" x 3/4" roof netting is ideal and is very inexpensive.
  • Brush away snow or standing water from the bar top. This will help prevent damage to the wood surface.

Summer-izing a Tiki Bar

  • Stock the bar and start mixing! Okay, seriously…
  • Look for any possible mold that may have started to grow. If you looked after your bar properly (see above), then mold should be minimal, if any. Clean away any mold immediately using a bleach and water mixture. If you don't get rid of the mold now, it will start growing quickly during the warm summer months and your bar won't look so great.
  • Check the bar top for any signs of water damage due to snow, rain, or ice. If you notice any, repair the bad area and then re-seal your bar top with a tough marine-quality varnish.
  • Check the thatching to see if any repairs are needed. If you are using real palm fronds and have no netting on the top, you may notice you lost a few fronds off of the top due to wind. Replace them right away to keep the roof from leaking.
  • If you need fronds or netting, you can buy them from TikiKev (www.tikikev.com). He’ll be happy to ship those to you.
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