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Tiki Bar Stools Are An Authentic Accessory For Your Tropical Dream

Authentic tiki bar complete with thatched roof and bar stoolsOutdoor living spaces give you the chance to experiment with decorating themes, express yourself, and create mood and atmosphere.

Design your outdoor living space as a tropical retreat to showcase your creativity and transport family, friends and guests to a relaxing island getaway.

Imagine being whisked away to an island escape from the comfort of your very own backyard. With a tropical design, you can instantly create this experience with a little know-how and some key elements. First, tiki decor is a must-have for a tropical theme and adds instant authenticity to your tropical design.

To help you create your own authentic tropical getaway, it helps you to first understand the history of tiki design and themes. Tiki design captures the essence of Hawaii and the tropics. Basically, “tiki” actually refers to the beautiful and intricately carved statues that honor traditional Hawaiian gods and ancestors.

Now, tiki design has come to represent the overall style and design of a Hawaii-inspired decor. Tiki design was first made popular as servicemen and vacationers brought Hawaiian souvenirs to the mainland in the 30s. The popularity spread as many bars and restaurants on the mainland adopted the look in the 50s and 60s. Now, the trend is really fashionable as a means to create your own oasis at home – an escape from the day-to-day right in your own backyard.

You can create a tiki-themed backyard by including a few important elements. First, picking out the right materials, furniture, and accessories are important. To keep the theme consistent and authentically tiki, select furniture that reflects your theme. Tiki furniture comes in many materials.

Tiki bar stools give your tiki hut and tiki bar an authentic look.Use bamboo or teak for an authentic flair, or go more modern tiki with furniture that incorporates iron and bamboo. If you are using bamboo outside, however, make sure you the bamboo is treated with a varnish that protects against UV and water to provide lasting beauty. Also, the color of varnish is important and can add just the right touch.

As far as furniture goes, your tropical getaway isn’t complete without tiki bar stools. Tiki bar stools come in a variety of styles and materials and really add that crucial authentic touch to any tiki bar. Because of how they are built they can usually be used as outdoor bar stools.

You can select wood bar stools of varying heights and styles as well. They can be bar height to fit a traditional bar, or shorter if you need them to be, depending on the type of bar you have. You can find bar stools that have backs or are simply stools.

Regardless of which options you select, tiki bar stools add a crucial design element to your patio and help you create your dream oasis.

If you are interested in building your own tiki stools you should read this article on tiki bar stool and tiki bar plans.



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