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Get an Outdoor Patio Wood Heater to Keep Your Deck or Patio Nice and Warm

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy your patio all year long? Unless you are lucky enough to live in an area where the weather permits 12 months of outdoor living and enjoyment, you probably wish you could enjoy the experience of the outdoors for more than just a few months at a time.

Well, imagine the feeling of sitting on your patio, warm and snug from a patio heater in the brisk autumn air. An outdoor patio wood heater enables you to extend the time you can spend in the outdoors – even as the weather turns cooler. With a patio heater, you can experience the change of seasons in warmth and comfort. Or, if you do live in a temperate climate, the mood and effect a patio wood heater creates just the right ambience for entertaining or for simply spending time with loved ones, enjoying the outdoors.

Not only are wood heaters attractive, they are durable, weather resistant, and require very little maintenance. Wood heaters come in a variety of styles. Fire pits and fire bowls are popular and contemporary choices. Pits or bowls often come with an iron or aluminum stand or custom outdoor table and make a dramatic statement in exterior home design.

You can choose from permanent or portable wood heaters. Portable wood heaters are transportable and provide flexibility for many different uses. You can also find wood heaters that have grill and cooking racks. Because they are multi-purpose, these types of heaters would work well in a small backyard or patio, where space is a premium.

Patio heaters and stands are made with a variety of materials, including copper, aluminum, iron, and wood. The different materials help you find a heater that complements your existing outdoor design. A patio heater with a wooden base, for example, would go well with a rustic backyard theme.

For a Southwestern touch or simply an interesting conversation piece, try a chiminea design. Chimineas provide warmth, style, and cooking capabilities.

Many patio heaters come with a variety of finishes, a stylish detail that integrates your wood heater into the rest of your patio decor. Wood heaters also come in a variety of sizes. Generally, the rule of thumb is the larger the patio space, the larger heater you should select. If your patio is smaller, choosing a wood heater that fits the smaller scale is probably your best bet.

Outdoor patio wood heaters help you extend the use of your outdoor living space by keeping you warm and cozy far into chilly fall.

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