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"Build Your New Deck" - New Version of Deck Designer Software by Big Hammer is Released!

When you are building a deck, it's a good idea to start with a plan. A plan ensures you are building to code and have considered all the details before construction begins.

While you can always expect bumps along the way, a plan can help make the whole deck building process easier. The new version of Do It Yourself Deck Designer is an easy-to-learn and inexpensive tool that can help you create a printed plan of your dream deck quickly.

Designing your deck to match your house.When designing your own deck there are lots of variables to consider: features, functionality, elevations, lighting, materials, railings, shape, size, and so on. Because of all of these variables, the free deck plans you can find online may not be the best choice. Ideally, you need to create a deck plan designed specifically for your house and landscape.

Picture of deck layout with deck design computer software.Deck Designer software by Big Hammer has many advantages. You can design the perfect deck for your house, with all the space and features you want. You can try multiple layouts and ideas before you build. Once you are happy with your plans, you can show them to contractors to get price estimates.

The new features in version 6.5 include:

  • Picture of Big Hammer 6.5 home deck design software.Import your home photos into the software program and you can actually see your new custom deck on your very own home!

  • Display your deck and railings in lifelike 3D with material texturing

  • Cut corner notches to your required dimensions

  • Place the finished deck design on your home to preview your finished project

If you are new to the Big Hammer software, here are some of the original features:

  • 70+ free deck building plans

  • See your 3D deck design on your very own house

  • Point, click and drag to create the ideal deck configuration

  • Create the deck that perfectly fits your landscape, including angles, bay notches, holes & multi level decks

  • Print custom shopping lists & plans

  • See your new deck in a variety of views, including plan, dimensioned, and post layout

  • A free eBook on building a deck yourself worth $29.95.

For more information and to save $15.00 now, Click Here!


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