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New Pool and Patio Furniture Give Outdoor Spaces a Lift

Patio furniture set on the deck beside an inviting poolNow that it’s summertime, chic pool and patio furniture has leaped off the pages of interior design magazines and into stores.

Updating your outdoor furniture can be an instant way to transform your backyard deck design or patio design into a personal space created with relaxation and enjoyment in mind.

Sit, rock, glide, swing, or just catch a few rays while you smell the roses and just take it all in. It’s just not the same if you have to stand in your yard or sit in a plastic lawn chair by the pool.

Outdoor accents such as pool loungers and patio sets with matching cushions are essential to the perfect backyard escape. It may take some shopping around, and timing is of the essence, especially this time of year. Retailers sell out of popular styles fast, so if you see something you like, grab it while you can.

There are different styles of pool and patio furniture available in various price ranges. Traditional patio furniture includes a set of four chairs with or without seat pads, a table, and umbrella. Some smaller sets may include just two chairs and a smaller table with or without a sun shade. Chaise lounge chairs are also nice, and are perfect for relaxing poolside.

These chairs have adjustable backs so you can find just the right position. Chaise loungers are available individually, or can be purchased with the patio set. Chair pads may or may not be included with the set, but are available for purchase as well.

Swings are also a cozy option that can be placed on the patio or out in a secluded corner of the yard. Pool and patio furniture is also weather resistant so no need to worry about it, although I would put the chair pads away in severe weather and when not used for an extended period of time.

You can purchase pool and patio furniture at home improvement stores, such as Home Depot or Lowes, at Wal-Mart, Target, Pier 1, or at stores that specialize in gardens and outdoor living.

If you’re not able to find something locally, you can purchase outdoor furniture online, but look for deals, such as shipping costs included. Also be aware of the return policy for your purchase just in case it doesn’t work out. Good luck in your pursuit of pool and patio furniture, and enjoy your outdoor living space in comfort.



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