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Tiki Bar and Tiki Hut Headquarters

Tiki luau party - complete with tiki drinks and tiki torchesA Tiki bar creates an amazing atmosphere that must somehow conjure up the lost spirits of ancient man, which these days ends up in - a party!

When people see a thatched Tiki hut style bar, they just somehow shift into instant party mode, the conversation flows and the great times begin.

Have you ever seen these "grass huts"? They're often found at resorts, in the Carribean islands, at restaurants and occasionally, in people's own back yards.

They're catching on in popularity, and for good reason. They provide a great addition to any poolside venue, and create a distinctive, island type atmosphere that most people only get to experience when on vacations.

There are a couple of kinds of Tiki bars. The "portable" Tiki bar is a smaller version, whereas the "Tiki hut" is the larger house-like structure, which often contains both a bar, seating areas, tables and decking. The unmistakable element of both types is the thatched roofing, a type of roofing that goes back many centuries and that's been used by cultures across the world.

A Tiki bar has that rustic feel of the islands, and looks like something the natives should be hovering around any minute. That's usually true - it's the party animals that just can wait to turn on some classic Jimmy Buffet music, crank up the blenders and let the good times flow!

A quality custom Tiki bar costs many thousands of dollars, due to its quality construction and workmanship. These bars have the telltale thatched roofing, made of palm leaves and other special materials. This roof is what really gives the Tiki bar and Tiki hut its distinctive appearance and feeling of being in the wild days of yesteryear.

Nowadays, it's certainly possible to readily find the materials you'll need to build your own Tiki bar. Of couse, you'll need some good plans and instructions to build one, because even though these structures look simple enough on the surface, there's a lot to know to build one properly so it will last for years. It's also important to ensure that it'll be safe for you and your guests.

A Tiki bar attracts and somehow conjures up the parties, and with the party often comes the alchohol, and invariably, some smokers. Since a Tiki bar is made of flammable materials, it's critical to use proper fire-proofing techniques when building it; otherwise, the whole thing could suddenly go up in a blaze - an abrupt end to a good time for all.

So, how do you build a Tiki bar? First of all, get some good plans from an experienced, reputable builder. Make sure these plans are complete, well-illustrated and include step-by-step how-to instructions that are easy to follow. It's a good idea to ensure you'll have access to assistance and consulting advice, especially if this is your first Tiki bar, or you want to customize it to your own liking.

Also, you'll need a few materials that may not be obvious or available in your area, so you'll need to know where to find these authentic materials. You'll also want a few specialty decor items to finish up your Tiki bar and make it your own.

A quality outdoor tiki bar will weigh over 1,000 pounds, when you include its wood construction, shelving, support structure and the thatched roofing materials. You'll want to ensure this structure is properly designed, so it can safely hold the roof's weight, not blow over easily in high winds and be safe for people to lean upon (in whatever state of mind and body they may be in :)

Fortunately, there are good plans available today on the Internet that enable an average do-it-yourself type of person to build their own Tiki bar. The specialty materials can be readily ordered over the Internet. A quality, custom Tiki bar can typically be built in just a few days by an average do-it-yourselfer by following good plans and instructions.

There are also various options, like ceiling fans and controls, electrical hookups, shelving, glass holders and other options to consider in your own Tiki bar's design. Have a look around at several Tiki bars and Tiki huts to get some ideas of what's possible or contact an experienced builder and learn more.

So, if you've been wanting to host parties and give your back yard, poolside area or lakeside that island atmosphere, a Tiki bar could be just what you've been looking for. Crank up the music and the blenders and let the good times roll!

One question - when's the party?

Rick Braddy is an avid writer, professional software developer and Internet marketer, and Tiki bar enthusiast. If you're interested in a Tiki bar, or you'd like to learn more about how to build a Tiki bar, you can visit http://www.tikikev.com to learn more and see lots of pictures of both Tiki bars and huts.

Article Source: Rick Brady

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