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Building above ground pool decks and deck railings is a great home improvement project for anyone with a little know-how and a spare weekend or two.

Nice outdoor pool with a view of the oceanAbove ground pool decks not only enhance the look of your back yard pool, they also make it more accessible and safer to use.

Designing and building the deck, the stairs and the deck railings is becoming an increasingly popular DIY project for pool owners with some building experience and a few carpentry skills.

If you want to build the whole thing from scratch, you’ll find lots of useful plans and guides online. Otherwise, there are some very clever pre-fabricated kits available which make building above ground pool decks, stairs and deck railings incredibly quick and easy.

Pool safety and stability.

Before you begin building your deck, check with your local planning authorities to make sure that your designs comply with the relevant building codes in your area. You will find there are regulations for the number and spacing of the support posts, the thickness of the support posts, the type of foundation required, the height of the deck railings and the spacing of the balusters, and the width and height of the stair risers and runs.

The most important design consideration for  deck railings and balusters near your pool is the structural stability of the footings and foundations. If you enjoy entertaining around the pool, and you’re planning to have large groups of people use the pool deck, be sure to take this into consideration when choosing a suitable design.

There are DIY kits which include “floating” foundation systems which are very easy to install, and include detailed instructions on how to adequately brace the structure. Otherwise, it will be necessary to set the support posts in suitable concrete foundations. If you’re a DIY novice, or you’re in any doubt, consider hiring a professional contractor.

For more information on deck construction, please read this article on building your own deck.



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