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Build your own tiki hut on the patio or pool deck for your next Hawaiian theme party.

No luau or Pacific island theme party is complete without a tiki hut on the patio or on the pool deck. You can have one built or you can make it yourself.

A great Tiki bar with stools and real thatched roofIf you are looking for something smaller and where you can make a blender drink, you can build your own tiki bar.

Plans are reasonably priced and it is a lot cheaper than having one build.

Click here for a review of How to Build a Tiki Bar that is pictured here.

But, if you just want something temporary, all you need is a table or bar, which you will most likely have set up on the pool deck or patio already, some island style decorations, and a tiki hut roof.

To build the roof you will need some bamboo poles or light wooden planks, ready made thatched palm panels or plywood sheeting to which you can attach thatching material or silk leaves, and a few carpentry tools.

Once you’ve built the basic frame, you can have fun decorating the tiki hut with grass mats, lanterns, glued on sand and strings of party lights. You’ll find complete sets of instructions at any of a number of DIY or party decor websites.

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The tiki hut will provide a focal point for the party decor, and you can use it to serve your drinks and kahuna burgers.

Two stainless steel tiki torchesTiki torches add a touch of drama to the party atmosphere, and they’re very easy to find at any good outdoor lighting supplier. Set up a row of tiki torches along the walkway or driveway leading up to your house to give your guests a taste of the mood of the evening as they enter.

You can also place a few torches around the patio, garden and pool deck. Be careful that you choose your placement carefully. Make sure you don’t place the torches anywhere where anyone is likely to trip over them, or where the flame is likely to catch on nearby trees or awnings, especially in a breeze.

Lanterns, candles and floating candles are also great for creating a balmy, tropical ambience. You can buy party lanterns and candles in all kinds of colors and shapes, including exotic flowers and spooky tiki gods. You can place floating candles in bowls of water at the center of each table, or even in the pool or garden pond.

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