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Tiki bar supplies and tiki party ideas for your luau, Pacific Island party or tiki festival.

Enjoying an exotic drink at a tiki party with friendsThere’s no better way to spend a balmy summer evening than drinking pina coladas, eating kahuna burgers and dancing to the sounds of Hawaiian guitars and ukuleles with a bunch of your closest friends.

Luaus and tiki parties are becoming more and more popular all the time, and you’ll find a huge range of tiki party ideas, tiki hut building guides, and tiki bar supplies and decorations available to order online.

There’s nothing worse than a tiki bar supply shortage at a tiki party, so make sure you’re well stocked for the evening.

Things you’ll need for your luau or tiki theme party.

The first thing you’ll need is decorations for your tiki hut or tiki bar. Some of these are easy enough to make yourself. Sand glued around the frame of the tiki hut is a very easy way to create a tropical beach effect.

You could also cut out paper starfish, frangipanis and spooky tiki god shapes and glue them to the bar top and the tiki hut roof. Grass mats for the bar top are a must, as are some palm fronds, large leaves or grass roofing material for the tiki hut roof. You can make this out of paper if you have trouble getting the real thing.

There are also all kinds of tiki party accessories you can buy, including Hawaiian or Pacific island printed paper cups, plates, place mats, coasters and napkins, tiki mugs in a variety of colors and designs, tiki god shot glasses, exotic tropical flower candles and even tiki hula skirts and decorative ukuleles.

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