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Fabulous patio bars and bar tables to suit every outdoor decor style.

This bamboo tiki bar makes the perfect outdoor bar If you have a great patio, you want to enjoy it every moment you can.

A patio is the perfect place for a party, or just for a casual drink with a friend or two.

Patio bars come in a fantastic range of shapes, sizes, materials and designs, to suit every budget and every outdoor decor style. Your patio bar can form a permanent feature of your patio furniture collection, or you may prefer a portable bar or table which folds neatly away when it’s not needed.

What types of bars are most suitable for the patio?

Any bar or table which is designed as outdoor furniture is perfect to be used on the patio, deck or porch. You’ll find outdoor bars are generally made from durable, weather resistant hardwoods like teak, which have been treated to prevent rotting, or rust resistant metals like stainless steel or even romantic wrought iron. Natural wood or plastic wicker is also very popular for outdoor furniture, and has an attractive, summery look.

If you’re lucky enough to have a huge patio, and you enjoy entertaining large crowds of people frequently, you could opt for a full size bar. If you have a smaller patio, there are a few options.

Outdoor bar tables come in several shapes and sizes, to seat two people, or up to eight. A bar table is designed to allow you sit up high and enjoy the view of your beautiful garden while you relax with a drink or two. Bar tables generally come in a set with matching bar stools.

If you need a larger bar to mix and serve drinks from, a portable folding bar is a great idea for the patio, where space may be limited. You simply fold the bar up and put it away when it’s not in use. Another great idea is to look at a bamboo tiki bar for a very tropical look.

For more information on patio bars, please read this article on Buying a Tiki Bar or Tiki Hut.



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