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There’s never been a better time to buy a tiki bar or tiki hut.

purchase this authentic tiki bar for your poolsideIf you’re looking to buy a tiki bar or tiki hut, it’s worth looking around to see what is available.

I've seen them at  outdoor garden centers and stores that specialize in bar supplies.

One place that you will find a lot of selection is online. Search the web and you will find the most recent models available and hopefully on sale.

What to consider when planning to purchasing a Tiki hut or bar

  • Will it be an indoor or outdoor bar?
  • Do you want room for a fridge, glasses and of course a blender?
  • What are the dimensions. It is really important that it is not too big for the planned area.
  • How authenticate do you want it to be. You purchase them built with bamboo and palm fronds but this may cost more than other materials.
  • Do you want to make it permanent?
  • Do you a portable tiki bar that you can takes to friends parties or events.

If you entertain outside by the pool often, you might consider having a tiki bar set up as a permanent deck or patio design feature, rather than putting up a cheap temporary one and pulling it down again after every party.

The tiki bars available online range from all natural materials like bamboo, and reed thatch to look-alike bamboo made from weather PVC and artificial thatch. Bars contain a built in rack for holding glasses and stemware, as well as shelving for barware and cocktail accessories.

The bars from this online seller ship easily in several boxes and need just an hour or so of assembly time.

Your other option is to build your own tiki bar. If this is of interest you should check out these articles

Tiki bar plans 

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