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Tiki Hut Bamboo Structures: Build One For Your Next Party!

It is quite expected that with the summer season, luaus or island-themed parties would always be abound. These parties are perfect for those warm, sultry nights where women are hyped to dress up in bikinis and men in open-necked shirts. There are even others who would like to don on a more authentic look by putting on some leis and grass skirts.

Tiki Huts for Your Parties When it comes to your party decorations, however, things will not be as complete if you don’ have a tiki hut bamboo serving as your bar counter. If you want a more authentic luau or island party, then this tiki hut bamboo structure should be the centerpiece of your party area. This is where you will serve those chilled daiquiris and pina coladas topped with gaily colored tiny parasols.

Simple Steps To Build Your Tiki Hut

Here are the basics in building your own tiki hut bamboo structure:

  • Initially you need a table that is sturdy enough to hold all the types of drinks and liquor that you have in your bar.

  • The next materials that you have to look for are two of each 5-inch and 7-inch bamboo poles, three 3x4-inch thatched palm panels, 3 grass beach mats, pieces of wood and other carpentry materials.

  • The first thing that you need to do is build the bamboo frame for the hut. The taller bamboos are placed at the back while the short ones are for the front part. This is so a slope can be fashioned for the roof to be place on.

  • Then you assemble the roofing made of the thatch panels on the ground before you attach it to the frame through the use of nuts and bolts and some sturdy staple wire. Then, Voila! You already have a tiki hut bamboo structure perfect for your part.

  • You still need to paint the other parts of this tiki hut in Caribbean or Pacific colors though, if you want to make it look more authentic, especially if you used some other materials like wood or buckets filled with sand to install the bamboo frame in for stability.

  • Once you have all these done, you can already put on additional touches like the grass mats, lanterns and that string of colorful party lights.

Why Build A Tiki Hut?

tiki bar picutre with a thatched roof and stoolsTiki Huts for those Summer Resorts However, these tiki bar structures that serve as bars are not the only purpose for these tiki huts. These tiki huts are now also widely known as restaurants that convey a Tiki theme, which are usually found in tourist spots like beach resorts.

These tiki huts have become a source of delight to lots of people who want to imbibe in a perfect island ambiance that they find relaxing and soothing to the senses. These tiki huts are perfect for a group of people out to have some fun or for that couple who just wants to be by themselves, away from the rest of the world.

Contrary to the belief of almost anyone that tiki huts are only for summer days, these tiki huts are really great for any occasion. Their thatched roofs do not only provide shade during the sunny days, they are also able to withstand the heavy winds and rains that are common in island places where there are monsoons.

Thatched Roofing Material

thatch panels that you can use for your tiki bar or tiki hutYou can purchase tiki thatching online. This authentic thatching is in 4 x 3 feet sheets and is great for the roof or skirt for your tiki bar. It is also easy to apply using "S" hooks, tie straps, or jute ropes.

So, create your own tiki hut using bamboo now, whether it is on your patio or beside your pool. You don't have to wait for a party to happen to have your own tiki hut.

For more information on tiki structures, please read this article on building your own tiki hut.



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