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Tiki torches, tiki lanterns and candles are an essential element of your luau, clambake, or Pacific Island theme party decor.

Gas tiki torches provide a great party atmosphereTiki torches, lanterns and candles are perfect for creating an exotic tropical island ambience.

You’ll be amazed at the huge variety of torches, candles and tiki lamps and lanterns which are available online.

Some torches are designed to be used as a novelty for a party, then put away until next time, while other tiki lanterns and torches are elegant enough to be used as a permanent part of your outdoor lighting design.

When you’re setting up your tiki lanterns and torches, it’s very important to choose your placement carefully. Don’t put a flaming torch underneath a tree canopy or the eaves of the house or the porch, and don’t put any of your torches or lanterns where any of your guests are going to trip on them.

Different Tiki torch styles.

Tiki lanterns, torches and candles come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes and designs. Probably the most familiar are the long stemmed flaming torches, usually made from either stainless steel, wood or bamboo.

You can place a line of these torches along the driveway to create a dramatic and exciting entry way, or set the torches up around the pool or in the backyard to really liven up the tiki style party atmosphere.

The smaller torches burn on paraffin oil, or some other form of lamp oil, which burns very clean and is easy to refill. The larger, longer burning style of torch with the high, dramatic flame is fueled by natural gas or propane from a tank.

Smaller tiki lanterns and torches burn citronella oil, which is great for keeping the mosquitoes away, and can be placed around the garden or on the tables.

Tiki style candles come in an amazing variety of shapes, including spooky tiki gods and exotic frangipanis. You can place these around the tables, or some are designed to float in the pool or fishpond. Tiki candles may be scented with tropical perfume or citronella oil.

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