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Create a dramatic tropical island ambience with gas tiki torches.

A row of gas tiki torchesTiki torches are fantastic for adding a touch of drama to your outdoor decor.

A cluster of tiki torches around the pool deck creates an exotic tropical island feel, or a line of torches along the driveway or front pathway has a very dramatic and exciting look.

Gas tiki torches are a must if you’re planning a luau, Hawaiian barbecue, or tropical island theme party.

The large torches with the high, dramatic flame are propane or natural gas tiki torches, fueled from a tank. A propane or natural gas tiki torch is the longest lasting type of torch.

There are also smaller tiki torches which burn citronella or paraffin oil. You can place some of these small oil burning tiki torches around the patio or pool deck, on the patio bar, or on the center of your tables. Just follow the links from this site for more information on these exciting tiki torch products and how you can order them.

Using tiki torches safely.

Of course, safety is a priority whenever you have a naked flame around your home. Be very careful about where you place your tiki torches. Make sure they are nowhere near trees or awnings.

If you are using tiki torches for a party, make sure you don’t place them where people are likely to trip over them. Ensure that your large natural gas or propane tiki torches have a solid, secure base which cannot tip over. If you plan to make the tiki torches a permanent part of your outdoor decor, you should set them in a concrete foundation.

If you are planning a luau or tropical party please read this article on tiki bar supplies.



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