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Screw Comparison Guide - Exterior Screws.

Use this Screw Comparison Chart to help choose the right screw that best fits your application. Compare Screw Heads, Screw Threads and size for either Interior or Exterior applications.

Sure Drive Composite Deck Screws Sure Drive Composite Deck Screws

Application: Composite decking material.

Less mushrooming in composite decking.

Head: Flat Undercut Head

Thread: Dual thread design for optimum holding power.

Size: #10


Bugle Head Stainless Steel Screws

Application: Pressure-treated decks, siding, spas, barns, metal buildings, bridges, gazebos.

Corrosion resistant. Auger point for extra fast start.

Head: Bugle head with flat head

Thread: Coarse thread

Size: #8, #10


Trim Head Stainless Steel Square Drive Screws

Application: Cedar decks, seaside applications

Small heads are perfect for low profile. Corrosion resistant.

Head: Trim Head

Thread: Coarse Thread

Size: #7


Woodmaster Exterior Screws

Application: Decks, outdoor furniture

Durable Ultra Seal finish for tough exterior conditions. Rated 500 hrs of salt spray protection. Not recommended for ACQ pressure treated lumber.

Head: Flat Head

Thread: Serrated Deep Thread

Size: #8, #10

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