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Deck, porch and patio design inspirations for home improvement beginners and experts alike.

Designing and building your own deck, patio or porch is a great home improvement project for anyone with a few basic DIY skills and a few big ideas. Your deck, porch or patio design doesn’t need to be complicated; often a simple, inspired idea will give you the best result.

Adding an outdoor space to your home is all about creating a place to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, whether for entertaining family and friends, or just spending quiet, relaxing weekends at home to unwind after a busy week.

To get started, you’ll find hundreds of porch, deck and patio design ideas either online, or in any of the many home improvement magazines and publications which are readily available. Any good home hardware supplier will also be a handy source of information and advice.

Deck, porch and patio design essentials.

Before you decide whether you want to build a deck, porch or patio, and what type, it’s a good idea to spend some time thinking about how you’re going to be using the outdoor space. Will you be entertaining large numbers of people very often, or do you imagine more of a pleasant, safe place for the kids to play?

Do you have a casual, or a more formal style setting in mind? Are there any safety measures necessary for children or elderly people? Would you prefer an entirely separate outdoor space, or one which integrates with, and is accessible from your home?

Another important decision to make is whether the space is going to be open, partially enclosed or fully enclosed. This will depend largely on the climate in your area, and on just how much of the outdoors you want to enjoy.

Deck, porch and patio enclosures are very easy to construct. They keep you comfortable by protecting you from harsh sunlight and strong breezes or chills, and extend the life of your furniture and decking surfaces by protecting them from weathering.

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