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How to build a deck; all the instructions, guides, tutorials and deck plans you could need for everything from porches to garden rotundas.

Measuring boards to build the perfect wood deck.There’s nothing more rewarding than building something really useful and beautiful with your own hands.

Many people with ordinary carpentry skills are building their own porches, pool decks and rotundas for much less than the cost of hiring a professional builder.

If you want to learn how to build a deck, there are lots of fantastic resources online. You’ll find free deck plans you can download, instructions complete with photos, and advice and tips on building porches, pool decks, rotundas, or anything else you can imagine.

Anyone with a few basic skills, the right tools and materials, and big home improvement dreams can learn how to build a deck in no time.

The great advantage of doing it yourself, apart from all the money you’ll save, is that you know you’re getting exactly what you want. You can dream up your own design from scratch, or if you need a little inspiration, there are hundreds of deck plans you can download from the internet for free.

Imagine relaxing on your new porch on a lazy summer day, or having fun with the family on your pool deck or in your charming garden rotunda, knowing that you planned, designed and made it all yourself.

How to build a deck 101.

Before you start sawing and hammering, there are a few basic issues which need to be taken care of.

Adding any kind of structure to your house or garden, including open or covered porches, rotundas or pool decks, will most likely require planning permission from your local authority. Normally you won’t need deck plans drawn up by a professional architect, but make sure that you check the official requirements for your own local area very carefully.

Make a detailed plan of the layout of the deck in relation to the house. It’s vital that you fully understand structural issues such as lumber tolerance, and that you have calculated the size and spacing of the joists, beams and posts.

There are lots of references and resources online; otherwise if you’re in any doubt, consult a professional builder or architect.

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