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Tiki huts and tiki bars are an essential part of your tropical outdoor decor.

Thatched tiki bar with authentic tiki stoolsWhether you want to create a breezy tropical atmosphere for your pool deck or patio at home, or for an outdoor bar, restaurant or cafe, or you just want a little island ambience for your luau, setting up a tiki bar or tiki hut is an absolute must.

Tiki huts and tiki bars are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, and come shipped in an easy-to-assemble form.

Look for tiki bars and huts made from durable materials, which are designed to withstand weathering, like natural hardwoods and wood composites. Tiki bar roofs are usually made from natural thatching materials like palm leaves, but make sure the roof is designed to be leak proof, even under heavy rain. If you intend to set up your tiki bar or hut near the pool, check that the timber is resistant to rotting and bleaching due to pool chemical exposure.

If you’re planning a luau or Pacific Island theme party, and you only really need the tiki bar or hut for one night, it’s very easy to make one yourself. You’ll find plenty of tiki bar building guides, plans and instructions online.

Building your own tiki bar or hut.

For the bar itself, you’ll need a sturdy table in a suitable size, or a collection of tables of the same height if you want to make a hut. You can build the tiki bar roof structure from any kind of light timber, but bamboo has the most authentic tiki look.

The tiki bar roof itself can be made from a sheet of plywood, with any large leaves attached, or you can buy a thatched roof panel complete. It’s best to assemble the tiki bar or hut roof structure together on the ground, then set it up over the tables. You can then decorate the tiki bar or hut using grass mats on the bar top, glued-on sand, spooky tiki god statues, and exotic flower candles and ornaments.

For the more adventurous, Kevin Dunn as a comprehensive ebook on how to build your own tiki bar that's reasonably priced and worth a look.

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