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A porch swing is classic addition to any patio furniture setting.

A porch swing with a bit of tiki flairThere’s no better way to spend a lazy summer’s afternoon than relaxing outside on your porch swing.

Porch swings add a touch of classic elegance to your outdoor decor, and are an essential part of any patio furniture setting.

You’ll find a huge range of porch swing designs which can be ordered and delivered complete, or as an easy-to-assemble kit.

Or if you have a few basic woodworking skills, you could try making one yourself from scratch. You’ll find plenty of plans, guides and instructions online, for all kinds of patio furniture building projects including garden swing seats, gliders and canopy swings.

Porch swing choices.

Porch swings come in a wide range of materials. Your choice will determine the look and feel of the piece, as well as the overall cost. Western red cedar, teak and yellow pine are popular natural timbers, and you can choose from a variety of stains and weather-proofing treatments.

Wood composite materials are a very durable, economical alternative. You might also consider a wicker style seat, either made from natural wood wicker, or a durable plastic resin material which has a very similar appearance.

Frames may be made from timber or aluminum, or as a simple alternative you can simply hang the porch swing from the roof of the porch by a set of metal chains.

Remember to take into account the durability of the material and the amount of maintenance required when you’re deciding which option is the best and the most economical in the long run. If you choose wisely, your porch swing will be a part of your home for many years to come.

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