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Great Deck Design Ideas to Get You Started in the Right Direction

A deck is almost an essential part of any home. If you own a home, designing and building a deck can be a great way to spend a few weekends over the summer.

It will not only add value to your house, it will also give you a place to relax once a hard, hot day is over. It is a great place to entertain and it will also add more space to your house.

Creating an amazing deck is easy if you follow these simple deck design ideas.

Vast Array of Ideas

There are literally thousands of different deck design ideas that you can choose from, making it difficult for some homeowners to know where to start! First of all, you have to realize that the deck you will be building will be yours, and it should reflect your tastes completely.

You also want your deck to have the style and function that you want and need. It is important when you are designing your deck to consider what you will be using the deck for all year long. For example, I like to BBQ even in the cold winter months when we get a lot of rain and some snow. So I want to ensure my BBQ area is covered and close to the kitchen door.

Choosing a Location

As you begin looking at the various deck design ideas, start by deciding where you want your deck. Keep in mind that decks do not have to be raised; they can be just as delightful at ground level as they can if they are raised.

As you attempt to make your decision, keep several things in mind. First, who will be accessing your deck? If you have small children or people in wheelchairs on your list, that will need to factor into your final decision. It should be accessible for everyone on your list.

Second, you need to keep in mind that your deck should be easy to access both from an exterior door on your home and the yard itself. Keep in mind that you must also look carefully at ground area where you’d like to place the deck. Poor soil conditions may mean more structural support will be necessary. Pipelines and electrical cables in the dig area may also be problematic and expensive.

Finally, think about the environmental conditions in your chosen deck area. If you build your deck in an area that receives direct sunlight most of the day, you could experience sun damage to your deck furniture. If you build in a high wind area, a privacy screen may be a consideration.


Do you want to have seating on your deck? Some people choose to have seating attached to the outside of their deck, while others purchase patio sets and use those for seating. Do not be intimidated by seating. If you choose to build a railing around your structure, it is a relatively simple process to add bench-style seats using deck bench brackets.

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is something that many people consider only after they have built the deck. If you have a railing and would like lights on the top of the posts, it is a good idea to plan for those lights during the design phase.

There are a lot of options available for outdoor deck lighting your deck. You can have use low voltage lighting, solar lighting or regular ac lighting. Each one has it's advantages and disadvantages. So a good idea to do some investigation in this area.

Overhead Protection and Cover

Adding an overhead to your deck certainly has some great benefits. Not only can it be architecturally attractive, but it can also be quite practical in terms of shade and protection from the elements.

They’re perfect if you plan to add a hot tub to your deck, and whether you plan to fully cover the deck or just create an open overhead structure to change the feel, looking at deck design ideas that include an overhead may be the perfect touch.

Design ideas vary, and you can get a lot of great ideas and design choices simply by looking at deck photos online and in magazines.

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