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Are You Interested in Building an Indoor Tiki Bar?

If you are planning what is popularly known as a “Tiki Party” then an indoor tiki bar is exactly what you need to set the mood. But first, you need to do a little research so you can discover the best way to create the most authentic tropical paradise possible, with your tiki bar as the centerpiece. What is a tiki, anyway?

Tiki culture, as it were, started in the South Pacific, Polynesia to be exact. Two bar/restaurants opened in California with Tiki/Polynesian themes back in the 1930s.

The movie South Pacific in 1949 really started a love of all things Tiki in America. The types of materials or objects generally used in Tiki decor are usually woven grass or straw, bamboo, palm trees, torches, shells, fish nets, Tiki lights, special Tiki mugs and glasses – really anything tropical and beach-y.

So, how do you use this newfound knowledge to have an indoor, or an outdoor tiki bar you will be proud to own? First, you must decide whether or not you want to purchase a pre-made tiki bar, or make one yourself. If price is no object, then you should look into the many different varieties of tiki bars made to use indoors that are available online, or the Tiki bar kits available at your local home and garden center.

Depending on the store policy, some home and garden centers will, for a fee, put the tiki bar kit together for you. Some of these bars can be used outdoors as well. The pre-made variety can be expensive, but there are plans available for building your own. This is really the best option, as you can craft and decorate your tiki bar so that it looks exactly the way you would like it to.

You will also need tiki bar stools. If possible, try to get a type that will blend in with your indoor tiki bar. If you decide, like most people, to use bamboo as a material to make the bar, there are beautiful bamboo bar stools available. Wicker is also used, both for stools and for the bar itself. It is fashioned in such a way so that looks almost exactly like bamboo. Regular bar stools will also look very nice arranged in front of your new Tiki bar. These bars are casual, so almost anything goes.

To get started, locate a good set of plans for building your new bar. Unless you are a very experienced builder, you will definitely need a set of plans if you want your work to end up looking like it is supposed to!

You want your Tiki bar to be quite sturdy when it is finished. There is no need to spend the time and money to build a bar that is flimsy and easy for someone to accidentally knock over if they bump against it. Once you have decided on the right bar design for you and have your plans in hand, find the list of materials you will need. When you have purchased all of these, you are ready to build.

The actual building of your Tiki bar will not be all that difficult, especially if you follow the directions closely. Probably the most difficult part will be the construction of the thatched roof for your bar. Palm fronds are commonly used, but if you don't have easy access to palm trees, you will find that straw looks just as nice.

When you get ready to decorate your Tiki bar, you will find that there are many different accessories waiting for you. You need a few Tiki masks and Tiki signs in order to create that tropical ambiance you are after. Small statues known as Moai are also very popular. These actually come in large sizes, and in the form of totem poles, too, but for indoor use you might find the smaller Moai to be more practical.

Moai look like heads, and legend has it that they are modeled after Tiki clan chiefs. Authentic straw umbrellas can be found for a reasonable fee. You can also get grass covering to go over any table umbrellas you may already have to instantly transform them into wonderful Tiki umbrellas. Of course, seashells, mounted fish, bamboo ornaments, and anything to do with surfing are also great decorations for indoor Tiki bars.

Your next party will be the talk of all your friends and acquaintances when they see your new Tiki bar! Have fun!

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