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Are You Planning on Building a Spa Gazebo? Here's Some Great Tips to Help You!

Spa gazebos add that extra element to your outdoor spa design. Spa gazebos are versatile, functional, and attractive. There are many designs to meet your needs. Gazebos can provide comfort, warmth even on the coldest days, and privacy – any or all of these and so much more.

And, building a spa gazebo is easier than you think. Here are a few tips to take the hassle out of choosing the perfect gazebo for your backyard. First determine the size of you need. When choosing a size, the larger the gazebo, the better – just keep in mind that bigger is also more expensive. And it has to fit into your backyard without taking over the entire yard.

A good general rule, however, is you’ll need to incorporate the size of your spa plus 2 feet minimum for a walkway in a fully enclosed gazebo. If you want to include additional space for changing or toweling off, you’ll need to factor in more area and will need a larger gazebo. For an open style of gazebo you don’t plan to fully enclose, you just need to factor in the size of your spa.

Another important aspect of building your gazebo is to make sure you have the right foundation. Wood or concrete pads work – just make sure your foundation is level with no high points or crowning and the foundation can support the weight of both the spa and the gazebo. A level foundation is key to a sound gazebo and spa. Size of foundation depends on the size of your gazebo. Plan to add at least a foot minimum to the dimensions of your gazebo to determine the foundation’s size.

The gazebo’s roof is as important as its foundation. Roof materials include cedar shingles or solid cedar, polycarbonate sheets, or steel metals. The main benefits to cedar are that cedar is more affordable and is quite attractive. Steel metals are more durable and sturdy, while polycarbonate sheets are great for transmitting light while being UV protective and strong.

Whatever material you choose, it is necessary that it’s leak-proof and strong. You can also choose gazebo roofing that includes skylights – a wonderful way to let in natural light while you relax in your spa.

Maintenance factors to consider include care of the wood and materials used for your gazebo. If your gazebo is a wood style, you should stain and protect your wood from UV damage. Treating your wood once a year or so helps prevent damage and prolongs the life of the wood. Also regular checks to ensure no leakage has occurred will keep your gazebo beautiful for many years to come.

There are many styles of spa gazebos to choose from. Fully enclosed styles not only keep the spa completely shielded from the elements, they provide privacy and warmth. Enclosed gazebos can have two basic roof styles:

  • Hip roof models are enclosed on four sides and have a sharply sloping roof.
  • Gable roof models have two, more sharply sloping roof sides and are also fully enclosed.

The main difference is which style you prefer. Open-air styles of spa can also have either hip or gabled roofs and usually have lattice sides. These are great for summer use or in warm climates. Traditional, octagonal style gazebos are also another popular style. This style is more a classic, old-fashioned design that works best with round spas. The octagonal shape is more difficult to fit around a square spa.

Now that you’ve got some basic spa gazebo know-how under your belt, you’re ready to select the perfect one to meet your needs and provide beauty, comfort, and function to your backyard design.

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