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Deck Design Software Reviews

Picture of Big Hammer 6.5 home deck design software.

Do It Yourself Deck Designer

Cost: $49.95

System Requirements: Windows XP

Our Comments:

We found this software easy to use and basic for the beginner.

Read the Online Help files first to get a handle on how to add and remove walls, angles and notches, and how to set up deck preferences like materials, footings, and deck height. While the software takes some getting used to, it is not hard to master.

Deck Designer lets you create scale drawings quickly and simply without fussing with graph paper, rulers, and lots of erasing. We recommend this software as good value for under $49.95.

For example, if you want to quickly mock up a deck design to scale and try different shapes, decking patterns, stairs and railings, then Deck Designer does the trick nicely. 

On the down side, it is not compatible with Vista. It has and older if not slightly clunky look and feel to it. Although some reviewers felt that Deck Designer was just too basic (for example, you can't create curves or construction drawings), we think that if all you want is a deck drawing tool without all the bells and whistles of landscape design, home design, plant libraries and so on, then it is the best product for the money.

Highlight Features:

  • 70+ deck building plans included
  • Create single, multilevel, and standalone decks
  • View your deck design in 3D plan, dimensioned, and post layouts
  • Import your home photos into the software
  • Display your deck and railings in 3D with material texturing
  • Cut corner notches to your required dimensions
  • Print custom shopping lists & plans

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