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Tips on Choosing a Deck Railing Design

There are so many fantastic deck railing designs to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start! Deck railings come in natural timber, wood composite materials, wrought iron, aluminum, and even transparent glass, in an endless variety of styles, shapes and colors.

The deck railing design you choose will have a major impact on the curb appeal of your home. In fact, installing new deck railings is like giving your home a mini facelift so the design you choose is very important!

The three most important things to consider when choosing deck railings.

1. The architectural style of your home.

Does your home have a sleek, modern look, or does it have more of an old-world feel? Would a simple, unadorned style of railing work best, or something more ornate?

2. Do you want to see your view?

Of course, if the view from your deck is not so appealing, choosing an attractive deck railing will improve the outlook from inside your home, as well as your home’s exterior appearance.

If you have a view you want to see, there are lots of great options. Transparent glass deck rails are virtually invisible and create minimal interruption to your view. This is a particularly good option if you have kids around, or people in wheelchairs who may not be able to see over the railing.

3. Safety first!

Your local authorities will provide safety guidelines and requirements to help you ensure your deck railings are safe.

The minimum height for a deck railing will generally be around thirty six inches, and the balusters shouldn’t be less than six inches apart. The deck rail posts should be no more than about seventy two inches apart, and they should be attached to the frame of the deck, not the deck surface.

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